The VA Home Loan... it's really sweet

What really is a VA loan?

Being a part of the Air Force and serving with so many great people has brought a bunch of military friends and family into my life. Lately a lot of them have been reaching out and asking about the VA loan. “Is it true that you can buy a house with no money down?” “I heard that if you have a disability rating you save even more money” “Can I really buy a farm with a VA loan?” etc. Then the concerns come up, “What if I get deployed?” “What happens if I receive orders to move to Japan?” “What if I leave the military?”

These are all valid questions and concerns, some of which I also had while I was in the military and even after I left. But now that I am in real estate and am viewed as a resource, I have learned a lot about the benefit and have loved helping my people realize their home ownership dreams. I even helped a close family member use their VA loan to invest in real estate. The VA loan helped him get into his first home, he then rented it when orders came in, and reused his benefit to purchase again. Since then he has left a rental home behind at every duty station the military has sent him. Slowly but surely, you can build a real estate investment portfolio and the VA loan benefit is a beautiful way to get started.

I want everyone to know about the VA loan and all of the benefits that come with it, so I made this guide for you. You can own your home! It’s so much easier than you imagine! Let me know if there is anything I didn’t cover and I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Don’t worry if you’re not in California, I have a huge network of real estate friends and I can refer you to someone in your area that will take great care of you.

Thanks so much!

Have an awesome day!

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